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Razin Rim i Lev

Автор: Medeski News
Дата: 08.03.2010
Прислал (о, а, и): Auctyon.Ru team
Впервые: Medeski News

The new collaboration between Leonid Fedorov, Vladimir Volkov, Marc Ribot, John Medeski, and Ches Smith, «Razin Rim i Lev», will be released in March 2010.

This recording is a second joint studio experiment for these musicians after the 2007 album «Girls Sing» from Auktyon, which became an event of the year for the Russian independent music scene, and which had a warm reception from the western music critics. The forthcoming album consist of brand new compositions put to the lyrics of poem-palindrome «Razin» by Velimir Khlebnikov. All of the material was recorded in June of 2009 at Stratosphere Sounds Studio in New York.

The album is the new step for the Russian duet of Fedorov and Volkov on the path of synthesis of modern Russian and foreign avant-guard in popular music, and in classical Russian literature. The new album will undoubtedly become a big event for the contemporary Russian music, as it traditionally happens to every new release from Fedorov and Volkov. At the same time, the participation of such stars of New York downtown as Marc Ribot and John Medeski shows that the creative work of the Russian duet finds a lively response from the leading musicians abroad.

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